Shredders, start your engines

Remember my blog a few days ago about Data Destruction being a booming business? Well, the local government is getting into the act to help citizens.

If you live in Harris County, Texas, you can haul all the stuff you want to shread to the Sheriff's Department Saturday, March 24, between 9:00 and 12:00 in the morning and dump it in an industrial-size shredder.

Three hours for everyone likely to take advantage of this? Geez! I have a feeling this will be like the first time the county offered toxic substance disposal except it was from 9-5 on a Saturday. You could take all that junk from your garage - old paint, chemicals, whatever - and turn it in for disposal. You know, you can't put that stuff in the trash pickup.

Anyway, we loaded up our car with dozens of cans of old paint, most of which had been left in our garage by the inconsiderate previous owner, and headed for the dropoff point. Except the line stretched down the street, around the corner, and went for blocks. We got there at 3:00 and decided not to wait. Back to the garage to store all that dried up and ugly paint again.

So three hours to shred stuff for everyone who shows up? Hmmm.

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