France has UFOs?

Did you read the Washington Post story about France's secret UFO archives posted on the web for the whole world to see?

Apparently France's National Center for Space Studies decided to dump more than 100,000 pages of testimony, photographs, film footage, etc. onto the web. That makes them unique among most countries including the U.S. who keeps that kind of stuff classified.

Anyone out there know about Project Blue Book? My parents had a friend who was assigned to Project Blue Book. After investigating thousands of reports from the late 1960s on, Project Blue Book was officially closed because the conclusion was reached that there was no evidence to sustain the theory of extra-terrestrial visitors.

Then what is Area 51 all about?

By the way, within three hours of posting the data, their server crashed. It simply couldn't keep up with the number of visitors who wanted a peek at the official evidence. So be patient. It may be a while before you can look over the French evidence.

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