Dark side of spring

Yesterday, I rhapsodized about spring. Sorry for those who haven't had any of those lovely days yet. Today, I'll look at the flip side - the dark side of spring. The scary, thunderstorm-spawning tornado side of spring. We've been experiencing that each night since Sunday. Today though, the warnings have continued into the daytime.

This is the part I hate about spring. The screeching alarms on the television and radio. The Doppler reports that set you to wondering if it's better to take cover in the bathtub in the guest bath or the one in the master bath. Or maybe my big master bedroom closet is better? All those shoeboxes on the shelves might serve as protection should the ceiling fall in on me. Except one of the water heaters is right overhead in the attic.

Daytime for these alarms is much better than at night though. I hate to turn the television off at ten when a tornado watch/warning has been announced for the next two hours. How can you go to sleep when you might get sucked up into a funnel cloud?

Ah, yes. The joys of Texas in the springtime. We have those wonderful robin's egg blue skies and golden, sunny days; bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush blooming along the roadsides, but we also have torrential downpours and tornado fears.

Guess you just have to take the good with the bad. Kind of like Gibran said about not being able to really appreciate joy unless you also have sorrow.

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  1. That's one beautiful picture. Sometimes the dark is pretty. Certainly only when it doesn't hurt you or anyone you love.