Comfort zone

People live in their own individual comfort zone. What exactly is a comfort zone?

It's everything you've done often enough to feel comfortable doing them again and again.

Whenever you do something different, something new, that's territory outside your comfort zone. Often, just thinking about doing something new or different or doing it a new way can make you feel afraid or guilty. Sometimes, if the thought of doing something is so totally different and new, you'll not only be afraid but also you might feel guilty or unworthy or hurt or even angry. Or a combination of all those unpleasant, uncomfortable emotions.

Then why not stay in your comfort zone? Do what you've always done?

Because you'll get what you've always got before. Now if that's good and you're perfectly fulfilled and content, then fine. Your comfort zone is a mighty fine place to be.


if your comfort zone doesn't give you what you want. If you aren't living your dreams. If you're in a rut, then you've got to move outside your comfortable rut to the uncomfortable zone where growth can take place.

After all, as I heard someone say once, the only difference between a rut and a grave are the dimensions.

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