Back from the country

Hey, Blogworld.

I've finally returned from my mom's place in the country. As faithful readers know, my mother moved to the country last summer. I think she has decided to name her new place Cactus Hill. She has a thing for cacti. Though one doesn't normally associate cactus with the state of Louisiana where she lives, she manages to make the prickly plants thrive.

At her former home, she had a large screened in back porch filled with plants of every description including lots of different varieties of cactus.

At her new home, she hasn't yet had a screen room added so she must move her plants in and out of the house. At my house, the few pot plants which survive my notoriously black thumb fend for themselves out on the patio regardless of the weather.

So I had a lesson in winter horticulture while I was there. Each night, we listened carefully for the agricultural weather forecast. If the temp was to be below thirty Fahrenheit, we'd start transporting plants into the house. The next morning if the sun was shining, we'd move the plants back outside.

Who needs a gym when you raise pot plants in the winter?

Needless to say, the next project she and I will be working on is to get that covered porch with alternate screens for summer and plastic for winter built.

Sling Words out to wade through my email Inbox in the first stage of that good old American game called Catching Up.

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