Do you make resolutions each new year? I do. Well, actually, I just seem to carry over the resolutions from year to year which of course means I'm not achieving those I made a few years ago.

So this year I'm trying something different. I'm chucking the goal-oriented approach and simply resolving to live with less stress and more fun. That doesn't mean I'll be sitting around munching on foods I've banned from my life (dut to their propensity to settle on my thighs) and developing a daytime television habit. (I'd probably have to undergo a lobotomy to find daytime programming of sufficient interest to gaze at it hours on end.)

I've always been a high gear person in a low gear world. I think it's time I relaxed a little and do my best to find balance in my life this year.


  1. I spend weeks thinking about my resolutions; I love making them!

    I tried balance, when I was making them, and then decided there were a couple things I wanted more than balance. You only live once, right?

  2. Not according to James Bond, spyscribbler. I'm a resolutions junkie, but this year I'm trying to just say no.