Icy Texas

Just got in from the airport. Had to pick my daughter up. She made it home after a week in Paris, but her suitcase must have liked the City of Light so much it decided to stay because it didn't arrive with her. Nothing like filling out lost luggage claim very late at night in a freezing cold airport.

Of course, I suspect it was that connecting flight out of Chicago's O'Hare that separated her luggage from her. We'll see tomorrow when the missing bag is supposed to show up.

In any event, it was the quickest trip I've ever made to the airport. All Houstonians were snugged in their warm homes since ice was forecasted for tonight and tomorrow. Ice on Houston's freeways is not a pretty sight since just about everyone still tries to drive 85 mph.

Didn't spot a single patch of ice on the roads. Good old TX DOT had sanded most of the overpasses in the late afternoon. By nine tonight, the 30 mph winds had blown every bit of it away.

Be interesting to see if the sleet arrives as scheduled.

Sling Words to bed.

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