POD: Part 1

Before we get to the how-to's of Print On Demand via Lulu, let me first go through the legal blah blah blah that one must do in today's world.

1. This series on POD via Lulu is about how to self-publish ONLY on Lulu and doesn't apply to other POD ventures.

2. This series is based upon what I interpret from the instructions easily found on the Lulu site so if you want it straight from the horse's mouth, that is, Lulu, then go to Lulu and read them yourself rather than get it spoon fed to you from me.

3. I assume absolutely no responsibility for you and your POD project. None. Nada. Zip. I hold myself accountable only for the project, my mom's memoirs, which I am attempting to publish.

4. I assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the information displayed on the Lulu site nor for my interpretation of that information.

5. In other words, you're on your own in the cold, cruel world of self-publishing and print on demand.

Got it?

Okay, here goes Part 1, what I've learned thus far.

When you decide to use Lulu, you must make a series of decisions from the outset. It's easier if you think about these decisions beforehand rather than making them on the fly as you fill out the forms.

In order to purchase or create a book from Lulu, you must first register. If you've purchased from them before, you already registered and this registration can be upgraded to CREATOR.

I recommend you get a three ring binder and prepare to print a lot of the information, three hole punch it and place it in the binder and stick a labeled tab on each section so you can find it easily. That way you have easy access to all the pertinent info if you need to refer back to it.


1. Read the Lulu Basics (kind of an FAQ) which defines POD and discusses these issues: Is Lulu a vanity press; who is the publisher; how much does it cost to use Lulu; how much will the printed book cost; and much more. If you are not a writer familiar with these matters, print this info out and place it in your binder.

2. Go to the HELP index and read and/or print any of the topics you feel you may need to know. If that means all the topics, then load up the printer and get started. This section covers: who will lay out the content; what rights does Lulu have over your work; what is Services Marketplace; is this a scam. Knowledge is power so learn what you are getting into.

3. Print and read the Member Agreement to which you must agree. To find the Member Agreement, click SIGN UP, don't fill out the form yet, just click Member Agreement and get started.

4. Print and read the Privacy Pledge.

5. In the Privacy Pledge it mentions that as a registered creator, if you enable the Thank You Note process, you are permitting Lulu to display the publisher name (usually the creator) and the associated email address. Now is a good time to think about whether you want to set up a separate email account just for use with your Lulu account. There are many free email services available or you may have the capability with your current email provider. You can use your name or possibly the title of the book you plan to publish if the title is short or anything that may resonate with you for whatever reason.

6. Can you publish FanFic? NO. NO. NO.

7. Get ready to Register. You need the email address you chose and a password. Write these down in your file of online login names and passwords. (If you don't have a file like this either maintained on your computer or in a little notebook, start one now.) Fill out the Registration form.

Voila, you are signed up. At this point, don't upgrade your account to Creator status. Just cruise the site, printing out info you might need. Tune in tomorrow for Part 2.

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