Gas lines & water heaters--oh my!

Been a tough weekend in old Casa Reeves. Had two dire situations occur. The first was a sudden broken gas line which services the range top. Had to call the gas company who sent out a serviceman with a clickety click gas detector which went crazy when he stuck it in the cupboard beneath the stove top.

I never go in that cupboard since that's where I store parts for the grill along with small appliances. However, with Thanksgiving around the corner, I decided to retrieve the dusty food processor and make my famous cranberry-orange relish. I opened the cupboard and immediately smelled the gas.

So the very nice man from the gas company went up in the attic to check all the pipes and such and discovered that one of the water heaters was also leaking!

Great! Two expensive, no, make that VERY expensive issues suddenly rearing their ugly heads.

So tomorrow the plumber comes about the gas line and the water heater. So excited to hear how much this is going to cost. NOT! Of course, with Thanksgiving a couple days away, nothing is going to get done until after this week.

The bad news is there's no stove until this problem gets fixed. The good news is there's no stove. No way to cook. (If you don't count the microwave.) No meals to fix. Woo hoo!

I'll be heading to the country for Thanksgiving. I'm officially off the hook for even bringing a dish or two or six to my family's celebration. Wow. Great timing huh? And, yes, I am smiling at the moment. Sometimes you just have to look for that silver lining.

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