Definition of insanity

I'm sure you've heard this definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Okay. So that's insanity.

Here's insanity in action. Working at the computer and going through a series of steps that's supposed to do something but it doesn't yet we keep doing it because, damn it, it's supposed to work!

That was me when I couldn't get this blankety blank new hard drive to work. Today this was my mom who couldn't get her scanner to work and she kept double clicking the icon and getting the same error message over and over until she was so frustrated she finally asked me about it. Solution? The scanner wasn't powered on.

Yes, we had a laugh about it, but how many times have you lost something like your car keys or your glasses and searched for them, repeatedly looking in places you'd already looked as if they would magically appear there the next time.

We all do it which of course means that - drum roll please - we are all insane. It's endemic in the human race.

Sling Words out to go check the closet again for that spare printer ink cartridge that's supposed to be there but can't be found anywhere. Hope the office supply fairy makes it magically appear.

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