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Today's blog entry is a lesson in something important to know about your operating system which in most cases means Windows XP so you Mac users can just have a big laugh about this.

Last week I really screwed up some of my programs when I was trying to offload them from my C drive to the new external hard drive I'd purchased. I messed up my C drive so much that I belatedly went to the Windows Help Index to find out how to "go back" or restore my drive to the way it was before I messed it up.

I found out something important. To successfully restore, you first need to create a restore point. Now Windows is supposed to make Restore Points by default each day, but I learned that's no guarantee your system will restore to the way it was.

The proper thing to do before installing a new application or upgrade or making major changes is to first create a Restore Point that Windows can easily find.


1. Click START then click HELP AND SUPPORT.
2. Click PERFORMANCE AND MAINTENANCE and it opens the wizard. (Then you'll CLICK the action you want to take from the list displayed.)
3. Click CREATE A RESTORE POINT then click NEXT.
4. In the Restore Point Description box, type a name to identify this Restore Point, System REstore automatically adds to this name the date and time the Point is created.
5. Click CREATE.

You can read all the detailed instructions in the Help Index under To create a Restore Point.

Take a tip from me: do this before you mess your computer up.

Sling Words (still cleaning up my messed up hard drive).

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