The thrill of backroads

We're home from San Antonio. Great trip because we chose not to travel the twin ribbons of endless concrete cutting through a lifeless landscapa aka Interstate 10. Instead, on the way there we followed old highway 90, known since the conquistadors traveled from Florida to parts west as Old Spanish Trail. On the way home, we hopped off the interstate at Seguin and caught highway 90 Alternate.

Took lots of pictures of things that interest me like the water tower at Luling painted like a giant watermelon. Luling, a pretty town with many fresh produce and flower markets, have an annual watermelon festival complete with a Thump Queen. I snapped photos of a big golden moon rising over a landscape empty of just about everything but traveling cars. Old train overpasses and lots of water towers adorned with the names of small towns fell victim to my cam. I particularly liked the herd of longhorns we came across near Halletsville.

Tomorrow it's back to meeting word quotas each day. Mini vacations are nice, but, as always, it's good to be home.

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