Travels with my camera

Hey! I'm home. And am I tired! I'll post a few pictures snapped during the looonnnnggg drive back to Texas.

I followed this truck for endless miles on a two-lane road in Louisiana. Couldn't pass because every time there was a straight stretch of road, there was oncoming traffic. I'm spoiled by Texas roads where it's generally 70 on all highways outside towns. Louisiana's top posted speed for non-interstate roads is 55. The old double nickel wouldn't be so bad if the traffic in front of me drove 55. Trouble is, this truck's top speed seemed to be 40.

That truck went so slow that I could have jumped out and run along side the road to take a picture of the driver. Well, almost.

Driving slow leaves plenty of time to muse about writing and brainstorm different story lines. I've often recorded these ideas with a small voice-activated cassette recorder. Prior to cell phones becoming commonplace, I often felt a little silly driving alone and yakking away. I'm sure there were times people thought I was a bit daft because I appeared to be talking to myself. Of course, now if you see someone walking down the street and talking aloud, you take it for granted that they're not schizoid. They're just on a cell phone.

Ah, yes, as that sage Steve Martin once sang: "for the times, they are a shong-ing."

Sling Words out and glad to be home.

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