I suggest Spring Break for Parents

Who invented spring break? I can imagine some retired New Yorker who bought a motel in Florida saying: "Why don't we advertise on college campuses for kids to come to Florida during Spring Break? We can use pictures of girls in bikinis and guys drinking beer. Yeah. That's the ticket!"

In any event, I think there ought to be a spring break for parents when adults can emulate kids. Can't you see it now? "Adults gone wild," coming to a video store near you.

We can drink concoctions with poetic names like Bahama Mama or Knock You Naked Margaritas, eat hard to digest, high fat, high carb, calorie-laden food, and forget our worries while we, coated with 50spf sunscreen, frolic in the sun.

Oh, well, it's nice to dream. In any event, spring break is over, and school is in session tomorrow.

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