Fresh Hell

Dorothy Parker said: "My subjective experience is that each day is some fresh hell."

She must have been remodeling a house when she said that. The remodeling job I've been working on since January is supposedly finished. I say supposedly because some of the work is going to have to be redone. Also, the tenant's son has created a serious wrinkle in what should have been an easy remodel. Throw in a flurry of phone calls from tenant and contractor with escalating emotion, and my simple project is rapidly escalating into something really nasty.

Does this have an impact on my productivity as a writer? Unfortunately, yes, but if you want to be a professional writer, meaning you get paid for it, you have to learn to write despite the storms of life. So I write on, perhaps not as effectively or as rapidly, but I still produce.

Too bad Ms. Parker's not around. I'm sure she'd have just the right thing to say to the people creating the problems in this area of my life.

Fresh hell? You betcha.

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