Failure To Launch

Instead of writing today, I went to the movies. First time in a long time even though I keep a movie card to make it easy to get in without standing in lines. Why don't I go more often? Oddly enough, the outrageous price for a matinee isn't on my list. It's all the reasons others have stated: obnoxious fellow movie goers with their idiotic cell phones and/or quarrelsome children. It really bothers me to go to a movie that children shouldn't be watching and find the theater full of kids.

Other reasons for waiting for the DVD release? Movie patrons drenched in perfume or aftershave that makes my allergies go to Def Con 1. Movie patrons who obviously find theaters perfect for having loud conversations. Teenagers who like to make offensive sounds, throw popcorn or soda, and have conversations that would make a dock worker cringe at the language.

I've digressed. I wanted to tell you to see the movie Failure To Launch starring Matthew McConneghy and Sarah Jessica Parker. Not for the two stars who do an adequate job, but for the secondary characters who respectively play McConneghy's and Parker's best friends, and, most notably, Terry Bradshaw as his dad.

Bradshaw absolutely deserves an Oscar nod for appearing nude in front of millions. I always thought a professional athlete would stay in shape, but old Terry has proved me wrong. He's frankly hilarious as is Parker's roommate who wants to kill a mockingbird who keeps her awake at night. Since I was in a similar situation last year with a mockingbird who NEVER SHUT UP all night and all day for weeks, DH and I found her plight particularly amusing.

Yes, it's a lightweight comedy, but it's worth the price of admission. To my surprise, I laughed all the way through.

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