Crime & assorted punishments

When the trials of Enron's Skillings and Lay started, someone asked me what I thought about these people. What should happen to them?

Here are possible answers to that question:

A. cover them with honey and stake them out on a Texas fireant hill on the hottest day in July
B. give each of them a pocket knife and drop them into the middle of the Amazon basin with only 1 canteen of water and food for only one then arrest the survivor if and when he emerges from the jungle
C. allow them to volunteer to find land mines the hard way
D. seize all their assets, liquidate them, and distribute the money among all those who lost retirement funds as a result of their actions
E. answer D plus any of the others.

I'll let you choose the most appropriate answer.

Oh, this might make it easier to decide what I think is just punishment. My husband and I lost a big chunk of our retirement fund when Enron went belly up.

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