Sling Words offers public service

Here at Sling Words, in an effort to offer value to readers as well as a desire to contribute to society, we will help build readers' vocabulary by offering a new, heretofore little known word, each week.

Today that word is spokesweasel.

Spokesweasel, noun, used by a British magazine to describe a celebrity's public relations spokesperson, i.e., "Tom Cruise's spokesweasel had no comment regarding the introduction of jump the couch into American slang."

Sadly, Sling Words doesn't yet have a spokesweasel. To apply for this position, contact Sling Words Human Relations. Please enclose a cover letter stating why you want this position. (Letter should, of course, demonstrate your ability to use a multitude of words without saying anything meaningful.)

Don't call us. We'll call you.

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