Sling Words looking for corporate motto

The Consumer Electronics Show has been going on in Las Vegas this week. This is the event where they decide which new products will most tantalize the public and make them reach for their plastic because they can't live without whatever it is.

I was reading about the CES and learned that Intel is changing their corporate image, logo, and motto. Oh my gosh! Sling Words doesn't have a motto. So we decided to get one, (That's much easier than purchasing the new must-have whatever it is.) We put our brightest minds to work on this task and came up with this.

Here at Sling Words, we put the k in kwality.

Now, some purists in the reading audience may be sputtering: "But that's not how you spell quality."

Well, duh! Don't you purists know that spelling isn't important anymore? I mean, haven't you read a newspaper lately? Spelling and grammar have gone the way of the Betamax. They're extinct.

I must admit, I once was so offended by all the grammatical errors appearing in my local newspaper, that I thought I'd start blogging about it with specific examples culled from the morning pages spread across my breakfast table. I soon realized I'd spend all my time writing up these absurdities.

What's with these people who write for the dailies? How did they ever pass journalism class? For that matter, how did they pass fourth grade spelling class?

{Grinding teeth} Don't get me started! I will tell you, absurdities also abound with television journalism (that's got to be an oxymoron). A newscaster on one of our local channels was describing a crime committed on a street named Butte Springs which she pronounced as BUTT Springs, as in short for buttocks. Even if these so-called journalists are little more than pretty faces, can't they at least rehearse or ask someone on the crew how to pronounce a word obviously unfamiliar to them?

Let's hope she's never offered the six o'clock anchor position in Butte, Montana.

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