Spying on Americans

The controversy continues about whether the government has the need and/or the right to spy on Americans who may be involved in terrorist activities.

I'm sure they're waiting for my two cents so here it is: NSA guys, you can listen in or follow me or monitor my emails any time you want as far as I'm concerned. Yeah, yeah, I know it opens a can of worms, but if it keeps another 9/11 from happening then I'm okay with it--within reason.

Just don't tell Aunt Millie what I really thought about her fruitcake, and don't tell Joe and Molly what I said about their decision to move to Alaska. And don't reveal the contents of the email I sent my best writing friend about my thoughts about a certain editor who rejected my friend. While your at it, keep it under your hat about that stock that's such a good buy - we don't want everyone buying it or the price per share will skyrocket and we might not get filled. Oh, and if you divulge my real weight that I told my doctor last week then I definitely will change my position on this issue.

See, that's the problem with spying. Even if you have nothing to hide, intimate information about yourself and your activities can be used, misused, and misconstrued. How do we ascertain the gatherers and keepers of the information will use it solely for our country's protection? I'm all for protecting my country and my fellow citizens, but there must be safeguards somewhere. Our government was formed as a system of checks and balances. Yes, times are far different now than they were a couple of centuries ago, but there still must be watchdogs to protect our freedom.

So, Mr. Government and Ms. Watchdog, if you're reading this, just keep quiet about Aunt Millie's fruitcake.

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