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I've been behind on my blog reading so I cruised around my favorite sites and found where Lee Goldberg who writes A Writer's Life had posted a link to an interview he did with the fabulous Dick Van Dyke. The link is for the part of the interview where Mr. Van Dyke talks about his most recent series "Diagnosis Murder" as well as his history in television, but you can hear the whole interview as well.

I find Mr. Van Dyke charming and articulate. Since he's 80, we're always supposed to be surprised about that, but my grandfather lived to 100 and was just as charming and just as articulate until the day he died.

So here's a link if you want to listen to the interview. Many thanks to Lee Goldberg who writes the Diagnosis Murder mysteries and who seems pretty charming and articulate himself.

Dick Van Dyke interview.

Sling Words out.

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