Market news

In case you didn't know, Cindi Myers maintains an email newsletter for market news. Today, she had some good info about a couple of small presses, one wanting mystery fiction and one wanting Christian, that represent new markets (traditional print I believe) for writers. It's easy to subscribe. Just send a blank email to:

and you too can get the latest news.


  1. Hmmmm... what a trail. From the Dave Barry MOAT to PollyPI to Sling Words and what do I find...another "Smalltown Texas" critter...

    Never heard of Michael Buble, but I'm always up for some musical exploring. So, thanks for the tip...right nice of ya.

    OBTW - there's something odd with the title of this blog. I see html tags at the top of the broswer. Ya might wanna look into that.

    Adios from "Smalltown North-Central Texas"

  2. Hola, Brat! Your journey sounds kind of like a "choose your own adventure story." Let me know if you like Buble. Btw, he's the guy on the Starbucks commercial. Thanks for letting me know about the html screw up. I'm new to blogging and don't really know when you can't use html. I could read the help file but that's so, well, like work.