Raining down in Texas

I love, love, love Stevie Ray Vaughan. His Floodin' Down In Texas is playing on my PC at the moment. Great theme music for today's weather and the scene I'm writing.

Today's WIP goal: figure out what's bothering me about the plot then fix it and move on.

Unfortunately, I'm the kind of writer that when something starts bothering me about the WIP, I have to figure it out before I can move on. Sometimes, I suspect the problem might be with too much introspection or too much dialogue (I tend to get carried away with banter) but other times, I just have a gut feeling something is wrong. Can't put my finger on it so I keep piling up the words until I can't take the niggling "something's wrong" feeling any longer. Then I have to stop, figure out the problem, and make an adjustment. Kind of like sailing I think. You're following the map but suddenly you realize you've drifted off course. You have to drop anchor, check the map, check the compass, and figure out what went wrong and how to correct it. Then you make a course adjustment and sail on.

At least that's my analogy at the moment--and I'm not a sailor by any means, but this seems to ring true.

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