Get over yourselves

Do you get as fed up as I with the nearly endless back-biting among authors and those who, in some way, make authors and books their business ? It's always something. Reviewers--so-called professionals and all the amateurs who have the power thanks to Amazon et al--trashing authors. And not just the books, but the authors themselves. Blog readers taking issue with what someone posts.

Trashed authors blogging about the idiot reviewers or the rude readers or the insensitive booksellers or dumbass editors. All that time and energy channeled into blogs that are the prose equivalent of a lit stick of dynamite. Then, of course, outraged readers of said blog just have to reply--to state their position, to bare their feelings, to set the record straight.

On an on.... ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

Sheesh. Where do these people find the time and energy to devote to this pursuit of crap?

Then there are the hype hags! Sheesh! I won't even get started although I do wonder how these people manage to work the title of a book into every fracking (thank you, BSG) conversation, email, and blog.

Get over yourselves!

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